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News Category: IPHONE VOIP
Skype 2.0 App for iPhone - and iPod touch: VoIP Calls over 3G Network are now enabled! 05-30-2010
iphone skypeThe new version of the official Skype 2.0 for iPhone has been released which now allows you to make VoIP calls on 3G data network.

In addit ...

DeFi will serve up VoIP over WiFi on iPhone 11-21-2008
VoIP over WiFi with a flat-rate monthly charge for both calls and the network—what's the catch? Provider DeFi says they can deliver it all: now to Nokia S60 phones, and soon to iPhones. ...

Toshiba and IPtimize Certify Nationwide Interoperability of Strata CIX VoIP Systems and SIP Trunking 08-14-2008
Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division (Toshiba -- www.telecom.toshiba.com) and IPtimize Inc. (Pink Sheets:IPZI)(www.iptimize.com), a broadband voice and data service provider, today announced they have formed an agreement to bring IPtimize S ...

Developer Aims to Unlock iPhone's VoIP Potential 08-14-2008
The iPhone-using world just got a shot in the arm for VoIP communication. Global IP Solutions has announced support for application developers for VoIP-based utilities running on the iPhone -- which means that actual VoIP calling might not be far off. In simple terms, VoIP lets a ...

VoiceEngine VoIP tech license offered for iPhone 08-13-2008
GIPS is now licensing its VoiceEngine Mobile technology to iPhone developers who want to make VoIP applications.

Vopium wants to be the first native VoIP app for the iPhone 07-23-2008
From Pakistani engineering, through Danish organization, with Luxembourg VC cash, and on to world domination. Vopium wants to be the first native VoIP app on your iPhone.

iPhone gets 802.1x authentication 07-15-2008
And cheap VoIP calls. Apple has given the iPhone the ability to log in securely to enterprise networks, boosting its credentials as a business device. The latest software also supports new third party applications including VoIP.

VoiceEngine VoIP tech license offered for iPhone 08-11-2004
Global IP Solutions (GIPS) on Monday announced that its GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile technology is now available for licensing to iPhone developers.

Apple confirms 3G VoIP apps on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch; Skype on stand-by 01-30-2004
Apple Inc. confirmed last night that it is now allowing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch developers to build apps that can make Internet calls over a 3G cellular network.
"We revised our Program License Agreement in conjunction with our updated Software Development Kit for iPhone, iP ...