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How To Record Skype Calls: A Mini-Guide 06-24-2007
Are you looking for a way to easily record your Skype calls? Then you are in the right place. In today’s mini-guide you will find many useful resources and tools that will help you do that in the simplest way ever.

he possibility to record Skype calls is not among the features ...

Sipera VIPER Lab Identifies AOL, Avaya, MSN and Nortel VoIP Phone Vulnerabilities 06-20-2007
Sipera VIPER(TM) Lab, operated by Sipera(TM) Systems, the leader in pure security for VoIP, mobile and multimedia communications, today disclosed seven threat advisories, and potential solutions, for SIP-based soft phones from AOL(R), Avaya, MSN(R) and Nortel(TM), and four adviso ...

Deploying VoIP: Weigh the pros and cons of convergence 06-12-2007
To converge or not to converge -- that is the question. When deploying VoIP in your organization, should you combine data and voice networks, or should you keep them separate? Deb Shinder weighs the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Deploying VoIP: Five things every CIO should know 06-08-2007
Navigating the complexity of a VoIP deployment can be overwhelming and it may seem like you need a technical degree to understand it. Here are five tips to help steer through the fog of a VoIP migration.

Over 1,000 Consumer VoIP Service Reviews and Ratings at WhichVoIP.com 05-30-2007
Leading website resource for comparing residential VoIP provider solutions www.whichvoip.com today announced that over 1,000 user VoIP service reviews and ratings have been submitted to their site, helping consumers select the most suitable VoIP phone service solution for their n ...

VoIP advice from the trenches 05-27-2007
You have a question. Maybe it's an important, significant question or maybe it's more along the lines of some little trick that remedied a glitch, but a little trick you've forgotten nonetheless. Can't bring yourself to ask the buddy in the next office another question? Maybe you ...